Client Experience representatives are expected to assist current or potential test takers with scheduling, connecting, or any issues that they may be experiencing. Representatives are also expected to assist professors and/or administrators with basic concerns such as checking the test taker’s exam status, creating bluebird for the test takers or any issues that are still within their scope of knowledge and support.

    • Level 1 representatives are tasked to do Chats, Calls and Tickets.
    • They are expected to answer and provide excellent service to our test takers and instructors by answering all their concerns and providing them with real-time resolution.
    • Level 1 representatives are expected to maintain professional and keep their integrity within the operations.


      The following are the specific duties and responsibilities of the CE LEVEL 1

      • Reports directly to Shift Leads and Manager on Duty
      • Answer all incoming calls.
      • Take all incoming chats.
      • Respond to all pending emails and tickets.
      • Assist the test taker and Instructors with ProctorU account creation, scheduling, and rescheduling concerns.
      • Answers test takers’ inquiries and concerns about the account or their exams
      • Receives customer complaints and helps pacify the situation.
      • Maintain academic integrity by keeping any sensitive exam information from the test taker.
      • Abide the rules under FERPA.
      • Ready to take up to 4 chats at a time if the queue gets busy.
      • Ready to switch to different tasks if being instructed by the leads.
      • Reaches out to a Shift Lead should the situation require it.
      • Call test takers that are disconnected when working Outgoing Phones
      • Call test takers that are experiencing connection issues in order to assist them connecting.
      • Troubleshoots basic issues before and during the exam session.
      • Assist the test takers in connecting to their proctor.
      • Provides timely and professional service.
      • Observes ENGLISH ONLY POLICY all of the time while in the production floor.
      • Maintains a good tone of voice, word choice and positive scripting when speaking with a test taker.
      • Completes all training courses and refresher training courses sent through Canvas.
      • Diligently strive to meet the metrics set by the department.
      • Observes professionalism and shows Respect to teammates, Shift Leads, and managers.
      • Respond to all chats in less than a minute.
      • Maintain professionalism and courtesy in all chat conversations.